With the increasing expansion of the market and the implementation of new laws the corporate companies have been asked to follow and maintain the highest level of safety, health standards, protecting and promoting environment in all of the business processes. Being compliant in these regards, certainly, provides conducive atmosphere for the people at work, contributes towards corporate governance, ensures considerable credibility, cultivates competitive edge and protects entities from risks and penalties.

Business start-up, maintenance and development invariably demand numerous registrations / licensing that stem from the nature of business interventions, form of ownership, and business location. Proceeding with operations without the necessary registration/license/permit is illegal and puts the business owner at risk for permanent closure, heavy penalties and interest.

To legally operate in India, most of the businesses call for more than one license / registration / permit and the business owners have to deal with Central, State and even civic bodies to obtain such licenses. The process, often, is found tedious, voluminous, expensive, time-consuming and at times frustrating. Having this context in pretext with our continued rapport with licensing / registering authorities at Central, State and the local body levels and with its expertise on the related subject is well positioned in supporting the corporate entities towards obtaining / renewing licenses within the shortest possible turn-around time


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